Best Payout Casinos Hungary

There is nothing casino players love more than winning! But how can you ensure that you win as frequently as possible from a casino in Hungary? And is it true that some games pay out more than others? Well, the following article aims to answer just these questions, as well as provide you with all the information you need about payouts. From the ABCs of what a payout is, to tips and tricks discovered by players to maximize it, we aim to help everyone find the casino with the highest payout which is best for them!

In order to do that, we will examine what it means for a casino to have a high payout, as well as highlight the best houses which do. Additionally, we will list the Slots and Live games which have the highest return rates, too. However, before we do all that, here is a short list of the top Hungarian casinos we mentioned. They have been ordered by the highest payout rate from any online slot available with them:

Best payout Hungarian casinos at a glance 

Casino Name  Highest payout game
Sushi casino 96%
Revolution 95%
Frumzi casino 95% 
Quickwin  90%
Zip casino 88%
Spinaro 84%
Wazamba 77%

Quick facts about the best payout casinos in Hungary

Every casino in Hungary has its own payout rate. Simply put, this is the difference between the money you have deposited with the house and what you can cash out. The rate is usually expressed in a percentage. Players tend to try and find the ones with the best rates, and that does make sense!

However, the payout rate of each house is determined by a lot of different factors. So it can be very difficult to assess. To make things simpler, here are the short overviews of the casinos we listed above. Their payout rates are among the highest in Hungary. Additionally, they all have various other features which make playing there safe and fun. Let's take a look:

Casinos in Hungary with the best payouts: an overview

Spinaro Casino Review

Casino Name  Spinaro
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes
Accepted payment methods  Credit Card, Bank Transfers, PaysafeCard, eZeeWallet, FlexePin, Jeton, MiFinity, Neteller, Skrill, Revolut, Crypto 
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 HUF min. deposit and withdrawal

Spinaro is a casino which was launched quite recently. The house is just a couple of months old at the time of writing! And yet, it has already begun making a name for itself with Hungarian players. It has a payout rate of 84% to offer, as we mentioned above. However, that is not all. The house has a lot of player-friendly features.

For example, the website has Magyar as a language option. This will make it easier to browse for players, who will be able to view it in their native tongue. Additionally, making an account with Spinoro is a very quick and simple process. You can open one in seconds, and experience the high payouts yourself!

Spinaro Casino Review

Please note that to win real money, you need to wager real money, too. That requires you to deposit. Luckily, this is very easy and straightforward with this casino. It has a plethora of deposit methods you could use. For example, you can cash in via credit cards or bank transfers. You could also use the popular Skrill, eZeeWallet, Jeton and Neteller e-wallets, as well as Revolut. Crypto deposits are possible in a variety of tokens as well. Finally, you can deposit via two of the most popular e-voucher payment methods out there. They are FlexePin and PaysafeCard.

What also deserves a nod is the fact that the casino has a very low minimum deposit requirement of just 5000 Forint. This is as much as you need in order to be able to withdraw, too. Both of these are fairly competitive conditions!

Spinaro Cons:

  • Nothing significant

Online since: 2023


Regulated casino

Magyar language option available

Plethora of deposit methods

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Quickwin Casino Review

Casino Name  Quickwin
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes
Accepted payment methods  Volt, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, MiFinity, Paysafecard and Crypto
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 Ft. for both min. deposit and withdrawal

Quickwin is a casino and online Sportsbook with a very stylish design. It has a very sleek and polished website. At the same time, the website is quite convenient to browse. What's more, you can do that in your native Magyar language.

Quickwin Casino Review

As for the payout rates, with Quickwin, you can win both fast and frequently! The 90% payout rate is what places the house among the leading Hungarian casinos. But aside from that, we should mention it has a lot more benefits to offer its player. The house is licensed in Curacao. This is the case with the majority of casinos nowadays. Also, most of the houses in this list are regulated by one of the four Curacao-based licensing bodies.

But what does that mean for the player? Well, a Curacao license ensures that a casino is on the up and up! It means your data is stored safely, and encrypted. This prevents it from leaking or being obtained by hackers. What's more, a Curacao license ensures that a house has responsible gambling options available. And most importantly, it guarantees the payout rates are as much as they are reported to be!

Overall, there are a lot of benefits to licensed casinos, and all of the houses we will feature here have licenses. As for Quickwin, it also features a great number of other advantages. For instance, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts with the house are just 5000 HUF! There is a reliable range of deposit methods you can use, too. From Volt as a bank payment facilitator, to crypto. Everyone will find a convenient means of cashing in to this exemplary house!

Quickwin Cons:

  • No major issues

Online since: 2023


Fast and simple account opening process

Very low minimum deposit amounts

Reliable range of payment methods

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Revolution Casino Review

Casino Name  Revolution Casino 
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes 
Accepted payment methods  Credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, MiFinity, MuchBetter, PaysafeCard or Crypto 
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 HUF min. deposit/5000 HUF min. withdrawal

Revolution Casino is another one of the casinos in Hungary which offers a great payout. Notably, that percentage is up to 95%! This makes it the second highest in our list, which is very impressive indeed. Another advantage of the casino is the fact that it features a great deal of language options. Among them is Magyar, of course.

Revolution Casino Review

The services of the house are pretty much tailored for the Hungarian player. As you will notice, the majority of casinos in this list of ours accept Forint deposits. This is something Revolution Casino does as well. It is important to cash in with your native currency when that is available. This means not having to worry about the exchange rate between the Forint and whatever other currency an account is in. Not to mention that cashing in to such accounts can even carry conversion fees.

So, it is great that Revolution Casino is able to open HUF accounts. But that is just one piece of what makes its deposit policy so great. There is a range of popular payment methods accepted here. These methods are all ones Hungarian casino lovers tend to use. Cashing in is possible via a credit card, or a plethora of e-wallets. These include Neteller and Skrill, or MiFinity and Jeton. MuchBetter is also available. E-voucher payments via PaysafeCard are accepted here as well. Of course, there is a range of cryptocurrencies you could use as well!

We expected nothing less from a licensed casino, than this complete package of excellent services it is able to provide. Checking it out is a must if you are looking to play in a safe and rewarding house!

Revolution Casino Cons:

  • No significant downsides to report

Online since: 2023


One of the highest payout rates on this list

Great range of reliable payment methods

Accepts HUF deposits

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Zip Casino Review

Casino Name  Zip Casino 
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes 
Accepted payment methods  Bank transfer, Credit Cards, CashtoCode, eZeeWallet, Flexepin, Jeton,  MiFinity, Neteller, PaysafeCard, Revolut, Skrill and Crypto
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 ft min. deposit/ 10 000 ft. min. withdrawal

Another great option for casino lovers on the hunt for high payouts is Zip Casino. It has a payout of 88%, which is great! We also love the visuals of the website. The design is pretty minimalist, but very stylish. It features bright neon green colors against a simple black backdrop. This makes the many characters you can find on said site stand out even more!

Zip Casino Review

What's more important, the high payout rates of the house are backed by the reliable license it holds. Additionally, its regulation backs up your data's safety. It also means certain responsible gambling options are available, too. Here at BestPayoutsCasino we are all for all that!

Aside from all of these important protections, the casino has a great number of payment methods one could use. For example, you can cash in via either CashtoCode or PaysafeCard, if you would like to use an e-voucher to pay. If not, you have the option of depositing with a credit card, or one of a number of e-wallets. Said wallets include Revolut, Skrill and Neteller, Jeton and MiFinity. There is always the option of depositing with a local bank transfer, to a Hungarian bank. Of course, crypto deposits are welcome too!

The house accepts Forint deposits as well, and allows you to cash in with as little as 5000 ft. The minimum withdrawal amount is twice that, which is acceptable. Still, it is higher than the majority of casinos on our list.

Zip Casino Cons:

  • Higher minimum withdrawal than some other houses

Online since: 2023

License: Curacao


Licensed house

Many available payment options

Low minimum deposit requirement

Wazamba Casino Review

Casino Name  Wazamba 
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes
Accepted payment methods  Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Credit Cards, PaysafeCard, Crypto
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 HUF for both minimum deposit and withdrawal

One of our favorite themes for casinos to explore is the Jungle. The next house on our list does just that! Wazamba allows players from Hungary to immerse themselves in a beautifully designed environment, alongside several fun mascots. These are all different jungle dwellers with Polynesian-style Tiki masks.

Wazamba Casino Review

Moreover, the payout rates of the casino are also great. They are actually as high as 77%. Even though this is the lowest percentage on our list, it is still a very impressive number. And with a dedication to meeting the needs of Hungarian players in particular, this casino is still a great choice!

This dedication is evident from the fact the house has translated its entire website to Magyar. We have already stressed on the importance of such language options, and are happy to see them here as well. What's more, the house accepts Forint deposits, too. The minimums you need to come up with in order to cash in or cash out of the house are just 5000 HUF.

There is also a great range of payment methods which players can use, and we always appreciate that. For example, you can pay with a credit card, or one of several e-wallets, e-vouchers and even crypto tokens which are accepted here. The e-wallets include the ever popular Jeton and MiFinity, or Skrill and Neteller. Overall, Wazamba is a great casino with a unique and fun style. It definitely deserves to be checked out!

Wazamba Cons:

  • Lowest payout rates from our list
Wazamba Casino

Online since: 2020


Unique take on a familiar theme

Low minimum deposit requirements

Strictly licensed house

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Sushi Casino Review

Casino Name  Sushi Casino
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes
Accepted payment methods  Apple Pay, Bank transfer, CashtoCode, eZeeWallet, Flexepin, Jeton, MiFinity, Revolut and Crypto
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 ft minimum deposit and 10 000 ft. minimum withdrawal

Sushi Casino has the single highest payout rate out of all of the houses we have featured so far. Hungarian players will be able to get a return rate as high as 96% from the games here. Additionally, the house comes with a lot more to offer.

Sushi Casino Review

Take its theme, for instance. It will probably come as no surprise that Sushi Casino is a Japanese-inspired house. It features cherry blossoms, ninjas and pretty much everything you would expect. A high level of dedication to the themes of a house translates to a lot of commitment in meeting the needs of players. And this casino is no exception! Players from Hungary can open accounts in under a minute. Then, they can deposit using one of a range of payment methods.

You can cash in via Apple Pay, or a Bank transfer. CashtoCode and Flexepin, two popular e-voucher payment systems are also available. Not to mention that deposits are accepted via a range of e-wallets as well. These include MiFinity and Revolut, as well as eZeeWallet. Crypto payments in a couple of major tokens are accepted as well.

The minimum deposit requirements of the casino are pretty friendly too, and players can cash in with as little as 5000 Forint on the line. The withdrawal limit of 10 000 HUF is twice as high, but still not over what we consider reasonable. Overall, Sushi Casino is a great choice for players from Hungary looking to play rewarding high-payout games!

Sushi Casino Cons:

  • No Magyar language option available

Online since: 2023

License: Curacao


Regulated casino

Biggest payout rate

Fun themes

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Frumzi Casino Review

Casino Name  Frumzi Casino
Is this a regulated house? Yes, in Curacao
HUF deposits accepted? Yes
Accepted payment methods  Credit Cards, PaysafeCard, Neteller, Skrill, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton or Crypto
Minimum deposit/withdrawal 5000 ft. for both minimums 

The last house in our list is called Frumzi. It was launched quite a while ago, and has been around since 2020. We believe that this casino has the longest proven track record of any Hungarian high payout house. Speaking of the payouts, they are as high as 95% here, placing Frumzi Casino just under Sushi Casino, with a difference of a mere percent.

Frumzi Casino Review

Among the many advantages of the house are its strict regulation and payment policies. The former ensures the massive payout rates we mentioned, as well as the safety of your data. The regulatory approach also includes a range of responsible gambling options, which you can make use of at any time.

The payment policies, on the other hand, include several popular deposit methods. You can use all of them to cash in using the Forint. Starting off with credit cards, you can cash in if you are a holder of a MasterCard. If not, the casino has a lot of other options you could use. For instance, there is the PaysafeCard e-voucher, as well as a couple of e-wallets. These include Skrill, Neteller, MiFinity, MuchBetter and even Jeton. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you will be happy to learn that you can also cash in via a range of tokens. From BTC and USDT, to SOL and SHIB, the house has a great range of digital assets to deposit with.

What's even better is the exceptionally low minimum deposit requirement. You need to cash in just 5000 HUF to start playing. After you are done, the minimum withdrawal requirement is the same amount! All of this makes Frumzi casino a must stop on your high-payout journey. And since the sign-up process with it is incredibly streamlined, it takes a couple minutes at most. This means you can cash in and start playing your favorite real money games right away!

Frumzi Casino Cons:

  • No significant downside to the house
Frumzi Casino

Online since: 2020


Reliable payout rate of 95%

Magyar website version available

Plethora of payment methods accepted

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Why is a reliable source for Hungarian players

Best Houses in Hungary

Best Houses in Hungary

Every day, there is a new casino launch. Here at, we recommend you only the best among them. Every Hungarian player should deal only with safe and competitive casinos. We aim to make sure that is the case!

New, reliable and rewarding games

New, reliable and rewarding games

Most casinos these days have thousands of games players from Hungary can bet on. However, as you will see below, the games determine how much you get paid out too. So, we focus on finding not only the newest, but the most lucrative games for you to try out!

Experienced writing staff

Experienced writing staff

At BestPayoutsCasino, we have many years of experience with online gambling. Be it in Hungary or anywhere else in the world, you can rely on impartial, professional, player-driven coverage of any casino!

Choosing the best payout Hungarian casino, a step by step guide

We have highlighted a good amount of excellent casinos which accept players from Hungary. But aside from them, there are countless options. If you encounter an online casino, what do you need to do in order to make sure it has the best payout rate possible? And how can you find alternatives, other casinos with high payout rates? Here is a detailed guide on just that!

  1. Finding a high payout casino

    The first step to playing in a rewarding and safe casino is finding it. This is best done via one of the many review websites, just like ours. They constantly list out new and better houses, with different payout rates. Finding one of them is as simple as browsing said review website!

  2. Get a second opinion

    It is always important to make sure that the casino you have picked is reviewed favorably in other places. These can be other professional reviewers, or gamblers themselves. In fact, if you know any other Hungarian players who have previously dealt with the casino, do not hesitate to reach out! Their first-person accounts of the services of the house will be invaluable in determining whether it is a good place to bet.

  3. Verify the license of the casino

    Even if you find a high-payout casino which is reviewed favorably, and if you hear good personal accounts from fellow players, that is not enough to guarantee your payouts. The only thing which can do so is a license. Therefore, it is crucial that you verify that license yourself. No matter how many good things you hear about a casino, it lacking a license is a deal-breaker for the player focused on payouts!

  4. Make sure that the house has a good payments policy

    One of the factors which influence the payouts is whether you need to pay anything in terms of fees. These can be casino deposit or withdrawal fees, albeit those are very rare today. More frequently, you will need to cover the third party charges of the payment provider which facilitates your transaction. So, in order to guarantee a decent payout, you need to ensure that the house has a good range of payments with low processing fees.

Table of contents

How do casino payouts in Hungary really work?

How do Greek Casinos pay out In this section, we would like to delve deep into what influences how much Hungarian casinos really pay out to you. However, before we do that, we should remind you of the definition of payouts we gave at the start of the article. Essentially, the amount of money you cash in minus whatever you can withdraw, expressed in a percentage, forms the payout of any casino in Hungary. With that in mind, here is what influences this percentage:

  • The house edge:
    This is the most important factor in determining how much you can expect to be paid out. Every game you can play has a house edge. Casinos make their money from your losing bets. The amount of times you can expect to lose is expressed in a percentage, known as the House Edge. Payouts can be calculated by subtracting the house edge from the wagered amounts. The particular edge is different depending on the type of game you are playing. Some Table games have house edges under one percent, while the edge of some slots is over 15%. Knowing this means you can know what the expected payout is before you even start wagering. What's more, this means that the particular game you wish to play also has a major impact on your payout rates!
  • Volatility:
    The volatility of the game is another important aspect of your payouts. Every game has a volatility, though the term is most often found used in relation to Slot games. It represents the proportion between the size of the wins and their frequency. High volatility games have higher but less frequent wins. On the other hand, games with low volatility tend to feature more frequent and smaller wins. It is important to decide whether you want to play a high or low volatility game, because this will directly impact your return rates.
  • Player behavior and strategy:
    The way you engage with each game is an important factor in certain casino games. More skillful and experienced Hungarian players tend to win more often. In particular, Table games have the highest element of skill to them. Obviously, knowing when to get hit or pass on the Blackjack table will go a long way in determining how often you win. However, even with slots, there are certain strategies which have been developed by players. We will touch on these later on, in order to give them the attention and coverage they deserve!
  • Payment providers:
    As we said before, the amount you cash out from a casino can end up being lower by what you can cash out. This can be due to withdrawal fees by the house. Nowadays, however, such fees are very rare! More often, players are forced to pay high processing fees. Once again, these are outside of the control of the casino. The worst offenders tend to be international bank transfers. Crypto miner fees have also been known to be high in times of high on-chain activity. The lowest payment fees are usually associated with e-wallets.
  • Outside economic factors:
    It might seem funny that economic factors can influence your payouts from casinos, but it is absolutely true. For example, imagine you have a Euro account with a casino. If you wish to withdraw from it to your HUF bank account, there is an exchange rate between the two currencies. The exchange rate can change from the time of your deposit to the time of cashing out. This could mean the amount of HUF you receive is actually less than what you have cashed in! In order to ensure your payouts are not affected by these conditions, we recommend sticking to houses which open Forint accounts.

Do Hungarian casinos actually pay out? What happens if they don't?

Review Withdrawal Limits Yes, you can expect to be paid out by every online casino in Hungary. Sometimes, players win thousands and even millions from Jackpot slots. Their winnings are paid out in full in such cases, albeit in several installments.

In reality, there is just no reason for casinos to deny players their winnings. In fact, Hungarian houses are actually not even responsible for paying out whatever you have won! The supplier or developer of the game you are wagering on is actually who needs to pay out whatever you win. So, the casino can only risk damaging its reputation among players in Hungary. Additionally, since houses tend to be licensed these days, there can be even harsher penalties.
For example, the house can face large fines, or even the revocation of its license. Some jurisdictions even allow for casino operators to be banned from reapplying for a future license. But what makes the Game Suppliers pay out?

Similar to casinos, these Suppliers need to be licensed. In their case, obtaining the license is even more crucial. Major jurisdictions have been known to ban casinos from offering the games of unlicensed suppliers. To obtain a license, a developer needs to prove it has the know-how and skill to run its enterprise, with certain requirements to meet. These are certain minimum amounts of capital they need to have, for instance. Also, obtaining a license is pretty costly!

Holding one also opens up the possibility for control over the actions of the Supplier. Any failure for it to enforce certain AML rules can lead to huge fines. Similarly, it can be penalized for being unfair to its players, or manipulating the outcomes of games. They risk getting their license revoked, and even facing the same lifetime ban we mentioned. Even if they “just” lose their license, they have to pay the high fees to obtain a new one! Overall, Suppliers stand to lose a lot more than they could win by cheating you out of their games. This is why regulation holds them accountable.

RTP and high paying casinos in Hungary

RTPThe term RTP is incredibly popular when players talk about online casinos nowadays. You might have even seen it used in relation to Hungarian houses too! If you don't know what the abbreviation stands for, it means “Return to Player” and represents pretty much the same as the term payout. It is also expressed in a percentage, calculated by subtracting lost wagers from the total amount.

While it is more commonly used to refer to online slots, every game nowadays has an RTP rating. The higher the rating, the highest the payout. The more games with higher payouts a casino offers to Hungarian players, the higher the casino's payout is! We would also like to mention that these ratings are verifiable. In fact, they are most often verified as well, as most Suppliers are licensed.

Licensed developers need to provide the code used in their games to independent auditors. More specifically, the random number generators of each game are what is getting audited. These generators are the complex mathematical algorithms which determine the outcomes of bets. Them being audited ensures that the amount of times you can expect a payout is what the Supplier claims.

The RTP ratings of games can commonly be found on the websites of their developers, or review sites like this one. Some casinos also list them, but that is not the norm nowadays. Using these RTP ratings, you can quickly establish which games can give you the highest payouts! Consequently, here are the top five slots in Hungary by their RTP rating:

Highest RTP online slots by Hungarian Casinos

Stone Hominid

Stone haminid

This caveman-style game by Dragoon Gaming features a simple and relaxing experience for Hungarian players. More importantly, it offers them a fairly sizable payout rate of 99.54%. The maximum win from the slot is as high as 18 250x you initial bet! This means betting a single Forint on it can net you over 18 000 HUF!

Fruity Beats Xtreme

Fruity Beats Xtreme

The second slot in our list is by Spinmatic, and offers you an RTP of 99.08%. The game is set against a neon background, and features beautiful hand-drawn fruit icons. Its calm music and unique atmosphere make it the perfect game to kick back and enjoy while chasing down its frequent payouts!

Book of 99

Book of 99

It will come as no surprise that the payout rate of this slot is 99%. It was developed by Relax Gaming, and has a massive max win rate. Betting 1 ft. on it can grant you as much as 12 075 times that wager. Book games are very popular, and this one is in the top 1000 Slots in Hungary!

Poseidon Xtreme

Poseidon Xtreme

Another title by Spinmatic, this game explores a very familiar theme – Ancient Greek Mythology. This theme is as popular with Hungarian players as it is with any casino lover from all over the world. More importantly, the slot features a payout rate of 99%, which is very impressive.

Ed Jones and Book of Bastet


Finally, we have another Book Game. Once again, it was made by Spinmatic, and it is an installment in their Ed Jones series. This time, the adventurous archeologist finds himself in Ancient Egypt. With a massive payout rate of 99%, this is a great slot for any Hungarian player to check out, especially if they are trying to maximize their winnings!

Slot providers which grant players in Hungary the highest RTPs

Typically, the games of each Supplier are similar between each other. So, if one of the games has a high payout, chances are good there are others with similar return rates. We would like to list the ten Suppliers with the highest payout rates in Hungary. This can help you keep track of their new releases, which, in turn, have higher odds of being high RTP games. So, here are the top payout developers:

Game Supplier: Top Payout Rate: Highest RTP slot:
Spinmatic 99.08% Fruity Beats Xtreme
OneTouch 98.91% King Dragon Tiger
Thunderkick 98.5% 1429 Uncharted Seas
SmartSoft Gaming 98.9% Magic Garden 10
Dragoon Soft 99.54% Stone Hominid
MannaPlay 98.3% Dragon X Tiger
NetEnt 99% MegaJoker
TPG 98.27% Fun Monkey
Booming Games 98.27% Taxi Modiva
Relax Gaming 99% Book of 99

Top payout live games in Hungarian casinos

As we said before, Table games tend to have higher RTP ratings. And what better way to experience an online casino than playing your favorite table game classics from the comfort of your home? Hungarian casinos often offer live dealer versions of these classic games, too. You can get an immersive and realistic experience, as you chat with other players and even the dealer. But which live games pay out the most? Well, here is a list of the top three:

  • Blackjack A-D by Evolution Gaming: This game is a classic live dealer version of single-deck blackjack. Famously, that variation of the game has the highest payout rates! Blackjack A-D is no exception, as its RTP is 99.59%!
  • Speed Baccarat by Pragmatic Play: Baccarat is just one of these games which are emblematic of casinos! And this version of it, by Evolution gaming, is a definite favorite among Hungarian players. Considering its high payout rate of 98.94% and its immersive design, this is no wonder!
  • Royal Poker by Ezugi: What more need we say than the live dealer poker table by Ezugi has an RTP of 98.23%! Poker is a game which is played all over the world. And this version of it allows you to play a couple of hands on the go, without needing to go to a physical casino.

Maximizing RTP: Tips and tricks by players in Hungary

We previously mentioned that players in Hungary have their own tips and tricks for maximum out their payouts. Here is what you need to know if you wish to play like a pro:

  • Be ready to sink a lot of time in the game:
    True mastery of anything comes with practice and casino games are no different! Even though they have very simple rules, do not be deceived! There are optimal ways of playing them which can only become clear the more you actually play. But that is only possible if you pick a game you love and dedicate a lot of time to learning its ins and outs.
  • Research the best strategies for the game:
    We mentioned that spending a lot of time with a Slot or Table game will lead to you playing them better. However, we should also mention that some games have long had their optimal plays discovered. Please note that there are certain player tactics which are banned in casinos. This is the case with physical houses too! If you go to any Hungarian casino and count cards, you can get banned. Online casinos are no different, though the strategies which are banned are. Online Roulette wheels cannot be bet in certain ways, for instance. So, when you are looking for strategies, make sure that what you come up with does not violate the Terms and Conditions of the casino.
  • Remember the element of chance:
    As we have already explained, not only are the RTP ratings of casino games verifiable, they are also verified. But still, it is possible to have a streak of bad luck. If you find yourself in such a streak, keep in mind that luck always plays a part in casino games. So, you can always lose more than what the percentage dictates. On the other hand, there is also the odds of winning more as well!

Highest RTP crypto casinos which accept Hungarian players

Crypto casinos are online gambling houses which offer only digital assets as payment methods. However, they also have their own payout rates, much as with any online casino. If you are looking for the best crypto casinos which accept Hungarian players, check out the following list:

Crypto Casino Name: RTP Rates: 95%
B.C. Game  84%
Wild Coins  82%

What are the Pros and Cons of playing at a High payout casino in Hungary?

So far we have only covered the advantages of playing at a Hungarian high payout casino. But there are also a couple of noteworthy downsides. Here are both the pros and cons of these kinds of houses, at a glance:


  • Games tend to have lower volatility
  • More predictable wins
  • Perfect for the player on a budget
  • Nearly all high paying casinos in Hungary are licensed


  • Some exciting game features might be missing
  • Overall smaller wins
  • Might bore the high-roller

Hungarian players' questions about high payout casinos answered

We often get certain questions from our Hungarian readers, with regards to various aspects of the services of RTP casinos. Let's take a look at the most frequently asked from those and answer them:

The casino I am playing with does not list the RTP of its games. Where can I find that?


Indeed, most houses nowadays do not list their games' RTP ratings. Instead, those can usually be found posted on the websites of the developer of the game itself! If that is not the case, check game review websites, which tend to have them as well.

I am not getting paid out as much as I am supposed to. Is the game unfair?


We get this question most often! And it is understandable to feel like you are being cheated if you are on a losing streak. However, if you are playing with a licensed casino, and the game is by a licensed Supplier, then it is fair. The RTP rating for the slot, or table game has been verified. We already explored what the consequences of a licensed casino cheating could look like. In any case, we recommend taking a step back from playing and cooling down a bit. That way, you can get back to enjoying the game!

How much do I need to play high payout games in Hungary?


The different minimum bet for each game is different. But in order to place any bets, you need to have deposited first. And the minimum deposit requirement for the majority of Hungarian casinos is 5000 HUF – 10 000 HUF at the time of writing. So, to start off playing you would need that much.

Is there a time of day when slots pay out more?


One of the most common misconceptions by Hungarian gamblers has to do with “hot” and “cold” slots. Supposedly, there are times of day when the games pay out differently. We have also heard it said that slots pay out more the more people play them, and vice versa. Needless to say, these are all just baseless myths. Gamblers are more prone to making up such superstitions than other groups of people, which is understandable. Their hobby is all about luck after all! However, the only thing which determines how much you win is the random number generator of the slot.

Do physical casinos pay out more than online ones?


There is no data to support any difference between the payout rates of Hungarian physical and online casinos. Both types of gambling houses are licensed and pay out differently for different games!

Responsible gambling

Hungary's approach to responsible gambling options

The Hungarian government is no stranger to responsible gambling, and has long been trying to reform its laws. Since 2022, there have been different amendments to its gambling provisions. However, even though they have led to major changes for land-based casinos and sportsbooks in 2023, there has not been a wide difference in the way online casinos operate.

They are mostly licensed in several jurisdictions outside of Hungary. The most popular among them is Curacao, but Malta-licensed casinos have also been noted to offer their services in Hungary. Of course, licensed houses everywhere are bound to follow similar responsible gambling guidelines:

  • First off, minors gambling is something which all regulators strive to prevent. To that end, there have been implemented strict rules about verifying the age of account holders with casinos.
  • There is also a lot of attention to combating financial crime. Online casinos nowadays verify the source of player funds in order to prevent money laundering, for example. The AML rules are so strong that we have even seen unlicensed casinos adopt them!
  • A lot of jurisdictions make their license holders offer players self-exclusion options. These options can be, for example, the ability to set custom deposit limits, enable timeout warnings, or even close down your account! Licensed houses also offer you a ton of information about what problem gambling can look like and where you can seek help, if you need it.

Overall, the trend in Hungary is towards liberalizing the online gambling market. But at the time of writing, that process is not complete yet. However, responsible gambling options are available with online casinos licensed outside of the country as well. Just stick to jurisdictions which require them and enforce them, and you can always play responsibly!

Bottom line

We hope that this thorough look into the best payout casinos in Hungary gave you an idea of where to play next! Additionally, we hope that we have managed to provide you with enough information about houses with high returns so that you can find them yourself. Even if you have decided that this kind of online betting is not right for you, we wish you luck in finding the kind that is, and while playing!

Jamie Marks

Last Updated: February 17, 2024

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